How do i register the product?

Free plugins don’t have to be registered. If you have bought a plugin you should have received an email with a serial number. In your plugin click on the preset menu and choose register. Enter the serial number and your plugin should be registered. You can find more details about the registration process in the user manual.

I can not start the application…

The plugin format is only VST2 or AU, you need a host program to start the plugin. There are free hosts available.

Do you offer refunds for plug-ins orders?

We can only offer refunds (or partial refunds) for plug-ins if following conditions hold:
• if we are sure the product is malfunctioning (i.e. doesn’t function according to the features declared at the product’s homepage or other official product documents) on the client’s computer/mobile device and
• if we receive assistance in finding out the details of the problem on the side of the customer and
• if we fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.