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Windows XP or higher (32 / 64 bit)
OSX 10.5 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
Demo restrictions:
Preset saving not possible.
Noise fades in every minute.

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Demo Sounds

Important Notes:

• Please try the demo version before you buy, to check if you like the plugin and if it works in your environment.
• By now we have no developer certificate, possibly resulting in a message that you cannot open the installer because of an uncertified developer. On Mac press “ctrl” and right-click on the installer file to open it. On Windows click “More Info” and then “Run anyway”.
• You may have to deactivate your antivirus program before installation.


The Synsonic Instruments BDE-01 (Bass Drum Engine) plugin is a versatile and powerful plugin specialized on bass drum synthesis. It offers a wide range of styles and a lot of effective soundshaping possibilities. There are three sections: The Sound Section which creates the body of the bass drum, the Noise Section which adds a click, noise or sample sound and the Master Section, which allows general settings.


• Sound section with aliasing free waveforms, harmonic enhancer, pitch and amplitude envelopes.
• Noise Section for additional sound layers with sampler, click and noise, lowpass/bandpass filter and cutoff/amplitude envelopes.
• Very general architecture allows recreating sounds from analog hardware or finding completly new sounds.
• Midi learn / automation for all controlls.
• Easy to use preset system.
• A lot of factory presets.
• Factory samples for sound layering.

The sound section

The sound section creates the body of the bass drum sound
and consists of four parts:
• The VCO generates 4 different aliasing free waveforms.
• The Pitch Envelope modulates the frequency of the VCO.
• The Enhancer shapes the waveforms produced by the VCO.
• The VCA controls the amplitude of the sound.

The noise section

In the noise section you can add a click, noise or a sample to the bass
drum sound to get more character and complexity.
• Choose factory or custom samples and adjust playback speed.
• Filter the sound of the noise and the sample.
• With the Filter Envelope you can modulate the filter frequency.
• The Mixer adjusts the levels of the click, noise and samplesounds.
• In the VCA the noise sound gets amplitude modulated by an envelope.

The master section

In the master section the signals of the sound and noise section are mixed together and general parameters can be set:
• Parameter Human varies the accent of the bass drum randomly to simulate a human player.
• You can adjust polarity and delay to reduce cancellation.
• Every parameter can be MIDI-learned.
• Glide determines the time to glide from one note to another. It is possible to glide up and down, only up or only down.


The BDE-01 contains the best of both worlds – analog and digital.


• The enhancer shapes the sine and triangle waveforms like an analog diode clipper, used in the 909 bass drum.
• The pitch envelope onset is derived from the bass drum circuit of the 808 bass drum.
• The click sound is modeled after an analog filtered trigger impulse.


• Precise, aliasing-free vco’s.
• Interpolating sampler for additional layering sound.
• Inaccurate behavior when a new note is triggered before the previous one has died out is avoided by a reset mechanism, but controllable randomness can be added with the human parameter.


Sound Architecture