Bass Drum Synthesizer


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Bass Drum Synthesizer

BDE-01 offers a wide range of styles and a lot of effective soundshaping possibilities.
It allows recreating sounds from analog hardware or finding completely new sounds.


  • Sound section with aliasing free waveforms, harmonic enhancer, pitch and amplitude envelopes
  • Noise Section for additional sound layers with sampler, click and noise, lowpass/bandpass filter and cutoff/amplitude envelopes
  • Factory samples for sound layering
  • A lot of factory presets


„BDE-01 by Synconic Instruments is a bass drum synth that conjures up excellent kicks for real little money. Almost every move leads to rich bass drums that can be heard.“


BDE-01 Demo

The demo version will fade in a noise every minute and preset saving is disabled.
When purchasing the plugin you will receive the full version with activation key.


VST2 / 64 Bit

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VST2, AU / 64 Bit

Download Demo macOS


PDF, English

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