Synsonic-Instruments BD-808

The Synsonic Instruments BD-808 Software-Plugin is useful for creating 808-style Bass Drum Sounds.

The underlying signal processing is based on a detailed analysis of the original 808 Bass Drum circuit.

With the MIDI-Control it is also possible to use the plugin as a Bass Synthesizer.

Originally the 808 Bass Drum has the following parameters for soundshaping:

Accent: Strength of the drum sound
Level: Output level
Decay: Duration of the drum sound
Tone: Amount of attack-click

Additionally the Synsonic Instruments BD-808 offers the following useful soundshaping possibilities:

Tune: Tuning in halftones
Fine: Tuning in cents
LongDecay: Extends decay range
MidiSync-Tune: Tune depends on played Midi-Note
MidiSync-Accent: Accent depends on Velocity of played Midi-Note

With the MIDI Learn function you can assign any MIDI-Controller to a parameter of the Bass Drum.

For more information download the documentation sheet.

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Important notes:

If you get the message that you cannot open the Installer because of an uncertified developer, press “ctrl” and right-click on the installer file. Then choose open.


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Version History:

– double trigger problem solved.
– Non-automatable parameters non-visible to host.
– Windows Installer installs also to default location.
– corrected MIDI clear behaviour.