My Modular Synth with modules by Yusynth.

It has 3 VCOs, Moog-Ladder VCF, Steiner VCF,  EMS VCF, ARP VCF, Sample-Hold, Auto-Bend, Dual Min-Max, Haible Wavefolder, AC-DC-Mixer,  3 envelopes, 2 VCAs , LFO, Dual Gated Slew, Saw Animator and an Power supply.

A MIDI-USB-CV-GATE with 8 Gate outputs, 8 CV outputs and a USB input.

Developed and designed by me.

A real spring reverb with accutronics springs, an EQ and a Vactrol to get modulation possibilities.

An analog  circuit-bended TR-909 bass drum.

A high quality digital Dynamic Processor with a Noise-Gate, Compressor and Limiter.

Parameters like Threshold, Ratio, Kneewidth, Attack and Release can be automated.

So it is a “one knob” compressor.

An analog  circuit-bended TR-808 bass drum with a capacitive touch pad.

A guitar-delay with tail with the famous PT2399 chip.

An analog synthesizer with two Oscillators, two envelopes and a lowpass filter. FM-modulation is also possible.

The synth is controllable via USB.

Developed and designed by me.

A soundcard with a stereo DAC and ADC.

Developed by me for experimental purposes.

My first synth, consisting of an astable multivibrator.

A “Pfirsischdosen-Reverb” with an accutronics reverb chip.

The Fusion Seq: I built this Sequencer for my DIY-Synth-Workshop at the Fusion festival in 2016.

Little Drum Modules, which were build by the participants

of the DIY-Synth-Workshop at the fusion festival.

A Analog-Digital-Hybrid Synth with two voices and Sequencer.

VCO, VCF and VCA are analog. Envelopes and LFO’s are digital.